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How Much Do I Water My Plant?


Something that needs to be clarified right away is the fact that all plants are different. Although they may even be the same species, they still take light and water differently. This can come from a variety of reasons such as air quality or location it was in prior. The prior location is where the plant was raised or sold. This can affect the plant's reaction to water because of how much sunlight and water it was receiving in order to grow. Some growers like to leave the plants out in direct sunlight and water them very frequently. Others like to grow them in an enclosed location and create a more humid environment where there is less watering involved.

Regardless of how the plant was grown, after you purchase that plant, it will be up to you to keep it alive! If you do not opt to use our services, we can give you some helpful tips to make sure you keep your plants alive.

Firstly, more often than not, your plant will need some form of natural sunlight so make sure to keep it close to a window. Keep in mind, natural sunlight does not necessarily mean "direct" sunlight. If you want to have your plant in a darker location, we would recommend that you gradually expose it to less and less light every week rather than just placing in directly into a dark environment.

Secondly, don't panic! If you spot some brown leaves, it does not mean it's the end of the world. It just means that your plant is trying to adjust to its new environment. This does not mean that you are not watering it enough. In fact, if plants are struggling to survive in a darker location, adding more water may damage the plant even further. For these darker locations it is important to check on the soil and make sure it is not sitting in water. It is often best to water in small amounts frequently than large amounts less frequently.

Donkey Tail
Donkey Tail

Succulents are a very common question and everyone seems to have a different solution to them. I have found that for the majority of succulents, it is best to water them in small amounts. the best way to ensure this is to have them hang from a container with a drain hole at the bottom. We often do this with outdoor designs but it can be accomplished quite easily indoors too. We typically use a donkey tail succulent because they tend to look the best when hung in the air. From there, all you need to do is run water through the soil and watch it all drain out through the bottom. The soil will retain much of the moisture and the succulent will never be over-watered or under-watered.

There are several other plant species that have their own needs and we will try and post more about those plants in the future. I know orchids deserve a post all to themselves for sure!



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