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We Are The "Plant Doctors"

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Do you need help with a dying plant? Did you receive a plant as a gift and have no idea how to care for it? Are you looking to get started with plants but don't know where to start? We've got you covered.

Why US?

Our company has been in the interior landscaping business since 1986 so we know what it takes to keep plants thriving or bring plants back to life. 

Every plant is different. The benefit of our service is that we get to see your specific situation (light level, location, temperature, current setup, etc.) and work with you to figure out the best solution.

Luxury Mansion Interior

How it works

  • You can start by selecting from one of our services.

  • Then you provide us with a little bit of information so we are well prepared for our meeting.

  • After that, you select a time that works best for you and wait until appointment time! 

  • We will send you a link via Zoom ahead of time. 

  • During this meeting you can ask all kinds of questions and we will give you guys the inside scoop regarding our tips and tricks that we do on a daily basis for our clients. 

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